4-5 of October 2019 11:00-18:00


Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition


Drawing 3D pen

Free workshops at 3D Print Expo: fulfill your bold art fantasies using 3D pens

October 13-14, a special zone for 3D pen drawing will be equipped at 3D Print Expo. You will learn how to work with an innovative 3D tool and be able to take home your own created art object.

What will it be like?

On 3D pen drawing will take place in the special exhibition zone from early morning until closing. Participation is available for everyone regardless their age, occupation, experience and 3D equipment operating skills.

Printing experts will explain an operational aspect of 3D pens, teach participants to fill them, adjust required parameters and regulate filament supply speed at the given temperature.

A small theoretical part, participants will be able to choose an image they like the most and recreate it in air using a 3D pen. Everyone is also allowed to experiment.

A completed masterpiece can be taken home as a keepsake!

Should one pay anything?

Nope. The activity is free of charge. You should pay only for entry into the event.

May one bring children?

Of course! Drawing with 3D pens will be interesting for both adults and kids. A training process will be quite easy and practice will leave participants with lasting impressions.

We are waiting for you at the art zone of 3D Print Expo with creative mood!


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4-5 of October 2019


ECC "Sokolniki", 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1, pavilion 2


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