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13-14 October


Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition

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Drawing printer

One of 3D Print Expo 2016 attendees will receive new 3D printer!     

Have you always dreamt about your own 3D printer, allowing to implement the most challenging ideas and creative concepts? Attend 3D Print Expo 2016 on 17-18 November and receive the high-quality modern 3D printing device as a gift!    

Guests of the international 3D Print Expo 2016 will enjoy a great amount of interesting activities: demonstration of 3D printing opportunities, art zone with unique 3D printing masterpieces, quests, workshops, Show of superheroes cosplay, startup presentations, concert involving 3D guitar. And there’s more! On the second event day, November 18 at 12 p.m., there will be Zenit 3D printer drawing among exhibition attendees.           

To win the prize, one should:

  • come to 3D Print Expo 2016 on November 18;  
  • get a contestant number at entrance;   
  • come to the main exhibition stage at 12 p.m. where one will determine a winner based on random numbers;
  • be the first to answer quiz questions and take the prize.  

Thus, the proud owner of Zenit 3D printer will be determined by quiz results.  

Zenit 3D is a new Russian latest-generation 3D printer developed by the group of Moscow-area engineers and designers. Unique opportunities of the modern device allow to solve a wide spectrum of various tasks. The user printer can be used at home, in universities, designing bureaus and research laboratories. A fully closed body is convenient if kids use the printer.          

Zenit 3D characteristics:

  • printing technology: FDM; 
  • consumable materials: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, nylon 6, etc.;
  • software: RepetierHost, Slic3r;
  • orienting working area: 240х215х230 mm;    
  • printing definition: X-, Y-directions – 40 microns, Z-direction – 10 microns; 
  • minimum layer thickness: 50 microns;  
  • printer dimension: 460х360х370 mm;
  • device weight: 20 kg.

Become familiar with modern 3D printing technologies. Register and come on 17-18 November to Sokolniki ECC to 3D Print Expo 2016. Perhaps, it is you that will leave the exhibition with the pretty valuable gift!    

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ECC "Sokolniki", pavilion 2, 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1

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