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Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition




SHOW DESIGN is an engineering and manufacturing company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of the automation. The Russian manufacturer of 3D printers released under the brand of MAESTRO that has become a basis for the implementation of unique 3D printing opportunities that have no analogues in the world. One of the few Russian companies that develop their own software for 3D equipment.


We produce and develop engineering plastics for 3D printing.

The portfolio of our company includes more than 20 types of high-quality engineering plastics for any application field.

We are introducing 3D printing in everyday life and developing special plastics that have no analogues on the industrial scale in Russia.

We are covering such field as medicine, fashion and beauty industry, machine and instrument engineering, design engineering departments and architect firms, military industry.


VORTEX was founded in 2013 by the group of IT professionals. Over the years of operation, our engineers have developed a range of innovative solutions related to additive technologies, which are unique on the market.   

The mission of our company is to design maximally affordable software and hardware for solving any technological issues both for commercial and personal use. Knowing the needs of businesses, educational establishments, designers, and common consumers, our specialists have managed to create 2 device models: Vortex DUAL and Vortex GIANT. Each model features a unique set of characteristics, solving a wide spectrum of tasks of all consumer groups.   


REC company is engaged in the production of consumables for 3D printers working on FDM technology! All our materials are certified, safe and suitable for all FDM 3D printers. We produce materials for professionals of various fields, where proper certification, stable characteristics and reliability of 3D printing are important.


MyDent24 is seller of dental and lab products, official dealer of famous worldwide brands of dental products. 3D printers, scanners and materials.

NISSA Digispace

Development and implementation of hardware and software systems for digital design and additive manufacturing, consulting, sale, training, service.

Master distributor in Russia and CIS: Indutherm, Concept-Laser, MakerBot, Stratasys.


We are a reliable supplier of bearings , guides , ball screws , robotic systems and other industrial components and equipment from leading manufacturers . High product quality and speed of execution of orders, the acceptable level of prices and competent consulting specialists - the basis of our business.

Total Z

The company is the developer and manufacturer of industrial and domestic 3D printers of Anyform line. We provide services of prototyping, modeling, producing engineering samples and manufacturing limited editions of products.


Moscow factory FDplast – manufacturer of high precision rod for 3d printer: ABS, PLA, HIPS, SBS and SBS GLASS of high quality at reasonable prices. Factory FDplast is the largest manufacturer of polypropylene and corrugated pipes, fittings for water supply, heating, pressure-free household and rainwater drainage


AmCore, LLC is a supplier of modern hi-tech equipment and services for the gas and oil sphere in Russia and the CIS.  

Due to the fruitful cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, the company provides clients with a guaranteed certified product quality, high-quality modern materials, exclusive cooperation conditions, and an easy payment system. Purchasing the equipment of AmCore, LLC, clients receive both guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.


Electroprivod, LLC, Saint Petersburg is one of the Russian leading suppliers of motor controllers and ancillary industrial equipment. The company not only maintains deliveries of the imported equipment but also develops and manufactures in-house motor controls.


3Dtool supplies equipment for 3D printing and CNC machines. The company has been operating since 2013 and has established close partnerships with Russian and foreign manufacturers. Sample room and service center are located in Moscow. The company provides training for employees of the customer and complex implementation at facilities.

Top 3D Shop

We cover B2C, B2B and B2G segments of the market, supplying multiple types of equipment: 3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC machines, 3D gadgets, filament, software and educational robots.

We have our own digital manufacturing office that provides such services as: 3D printing, 3D scanning, architectural modelling, CNC machining and plastic casting. We also conduct regular workshops where our customers can learn about the basics and the more advanced techniques.


3Dsystempro has been operating since 2012, becoming a reliable provider of 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment for dozens of entrepreneurs.  

You can buy our equipment with the warranty valid within the Russian Federation without risking your money and time. All offered machines pass the strict quality control .


Company “ADS” is an authorized partner of Roland, CharlyRobot, Mecanumeric, Bodor and other brands. The company specializes in supplying equipment to educational institutions and industrial enterprises, which involves the machines’ integration into the educational or industrial process by our specialists. In addition to equipment, ADS is ready to provide the user with methodical materials, mills and consumables, to provide service or technical support by phone or in person.


Russian manufacturer of FDM printing materials. We produce and sell filaments and materials for its production: compounds, colouring masterbatches, processing additives, as well as filament coils


PICASO 3D is the first and leading Russian manufacturer of 3D printers. The constant pursuit of excellence and the professionalism of the team help the company to create a competitive product. Nowadays the research is continuing to realize ever larger ideas. PICASO 3D is the choice of professionals.


RangeVIsion is a Russian developer and manufacturer of the 3D scanning systems and software.

Experience and knowledge of the company's specialists allow to create 3D scanners that are not inferior in quality and accuracy of the received 3D models to the devices of foreign manufacturers.

RangeVision 3D scanners solves the tasks arising during the preparation of production and in the production process: digitization, measurement, quality control of parts, tooling control, reverse engineering.

Find out more at rangevision.com.


Chinese producer of proffesional 3D Printers designed for small-scale industries, prototyping and creating 3D farms. These printers won most significant awards in the 3D world, such as 3D Printing Industry Awards. 1-st place in the ratings of Makezine, 3D HUBS e.t.c.

The company "Color World" - an official distributor in Russia.


3D Fоrmat is a provider of innovative equipment by world’s leading manufacturers from Europe, Asia, and Russia: additive production systems, 3D printers, and 3D scanners. The company’s goal is to integrate and technically support comprehensive 3D technology solutions for educational establishments and industrial enterprises. Professional services division.   


The company Cyberon was founded in 2014 and is engaged in the production of 3D printers and consumables for them. It is known for such brands as CyberFiber (plastic thread for 3d printers and pens) produced on the most modern line of no analogues in Russia with multistage quality control and 3D printers available for all type of users. The printers pass many hours of testing and preparation before sale. The company always approaches professionally and qualitatively in a new way to the realization of its developments, which allows producing highly effective and really new solutions.


C 2014 года компания работает на рынке аддитивных технологий, выпуская 3D принтеры марки HERCULES. Компания регулярно выпускает обновления на производимое оборудование и ведет работы по разработке нового, учитывая потребности рынка и наших пользователей. За время работы мы произвели и отгрузили более 1200 единиц 3D принтеров. Мы оказываем обучение и техническую поддержку всем нашим пользователям. Каждый 3D принтер проходит 12 точек контроля качества и 50 часов тестовой печати в процессе сборки. Мы заботимся о качестве, выпускаемого оборудования и работаем для удобства наших пользователей.


Terem3D is ТЕРЕМ’s innovative subsidiary established in 2014, which focuses on the development, integration, and maintenance of 3D solutions for the manufacturing industry and businesses.  Currently, Terem3D is a distributor and official reseller of world’s leading3D manufacturers: BLB Industries, BigRep, eSUN, Thor3D, ScanTech, HBD, and AMC in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

Creality 3D

The high-tech enterprise focuses on OEM/ODM experience and sale of 3D printers. It released two series of devices (DIY and Whole). It exports products to Europe, the USA, Australia, Russia, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Egypt, and 30 other countries of the world.


Shenzhen Esun Industrial was founded in 2002 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and operation of degradable polymer materials such as PLA and Polymorph. Since 2007, ESUN has begun to study 3D material for printing, ESUN has successfully developed PLA, ABS, PVA (water-soluble substrate), conductive, HIPS, PA, polymorphic and PC filament, etc. Due to exclusive professional formulas and professional production lines, ESUN 3D thread is characterized by absolutely round shape, precise diameter, high strength, uniform color shade and stable melting point.

Robokinetics LLC

Robokinetics LLC was founded in June 2016. The main goal of the company is the development and implementation of robotic products using kinematics. “Each of our products is assembled manually; experts carefully check each node of the final product, and then the machines are thoroughly tested for stability and transportation. Each of our products is a masterpiece”.


Company FLASHFORGE produces 3D printers since 2011. Today it is one of the largest manufacturers in China. Its printers are constantly in the top-10 of the 3DHUBS rating. FLASHFORGE has a wide range of 3D printers: using FDM or DLP technology; with 1 or 2 extruders; for kids, beginners or professional users. Firmware FlashPrint has an intuitive interface and ample opportunities for working with models. The company «Color World» is the official distributor of FLASHFORGE in Russia.


Printbox3D is the Russian manufacturer of 3D printers with huge experience in the development of CNC and robotic machines. Printbox3D printers went for sale in 2013 and gained a reputation of reliable and solid tools for production and realization of creative and technological ideas.


3D ARTEL is a group of experienced engineers and high profile managers, developing and manufacturing electronic equipment, creating professional products in the field of 3D technologies at the production platforms in Russia, China and Europe.


ISL Group is a Russian manufacturer of 3D printers of full-cycle: from concept to manufacturing of many parts.

ISL Group means:

✔ 5 years of proven experience in manufacturing high-tech products

✔ over 50 full-time employees

✔ two production platforms with R&D totaling to 2000 m2

Currently, we are actively developing the following 3D directions:

- development, production and sale of traditional professional and household 3D printers ISL for printing plastic objects using FDM technology;

- development, production and sale of food 3D printers ISL for HoReCa, food industry and personal use;

- training courses for 3D printing specialists;

- services for prototyping and 3D printing using our own 3D farm.

R&D with a training center, an exhibition hall of products and a service center are located in Moscow.

We carry out technical support and service maintenance of our 3D printers.


Texel is a software developer and producer of professional 3D scanners designed to obtain 3D models of people and large-size objects.

Texel solutions are used as 3D photo studios (Central Children's Store on Lubyanka, Ocean Park Hong Kong), virtual dressing rooms (IKEA Family Shopping Centres), fitness scoring system (Adidas, Hohneck Paris), forecasts and recommendations in cosmetology (Sephora), creative BTL tool (MOST Creative Club, Headline Athens), and a number of other innovative directions.


Filamentarno! develops and produces expendable materials for FDM 3D printers.

“We are developing materials intended to solve specific tasks set for engineers, designers, inventors, artists, and sculptors.
Consistently high quality, innovative solutions, and unique materials in terms of their qualities – that is what our customers appreciate.
We release several series of plastics, each of which is intended to solve specific tasks”.

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4-5 of October 2019


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