Advanced 3D printing and scanning
technologies exhibition


3D Print Expo is the biggest advanced 3D-printing and scanning technologies exhibition in CIS countries and Easter Europe.

The purpose of the exhibition is to bring together as much experts in 3D printing and scanning technology as possible, as well as interactive services, working with 3D models.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to explore the latest trends, and to learn about all the achievements and developments of this unique sphere.

Date & Time:

17th of November 2016 - 10:00-18:00

18th of November 2016 - 10:00-18:00


Address: ECC “Sokolniki”, pavilion 2. Moscow, Russia

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The aim of the exhibition is to introduce visitors to present innovative 3D printing technologies that are being used nowadays in the different sectors of industry and prove to be more competitive and cost efficient.

Exhibition participants are:

Exhibition visitors are:

  • personal 3D printing units manufacturers;
  • industrial 3D printers manufacturers;
  • 3D scners manufacturers;
  • software developers;
  • components, materials and accessories manufacturers.
  • artists,
  • jewelry designers,
  • software developers,
  • business owners,
  • venture capitalists,
  • marketers,
  • project managers,
  • designers,
  • cookery specialists,
  • healthcare professionals and a lot of other people.

Our doors are open for anyone interested in the advanced 3D printing technologies!

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