4-5 of October 2019 11:00-18:00


Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies exhibition



Regulations on accreditation of media representatives (media) to “3D Print Expo” exhibition.

General information:

1. On 4-5 of October, 2019, SMileS LLC (hereinafter referred to as Organizer of the Event or Organizer) holds “3D Print Expo” exhibition (hereinafter referred to as Event) at ECC “Sokolniki” at the address: 7 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, bld.1, pavilion 2, Moscow.

2. Accreditation of media representatives (hereinafter referred to as media representatives) at the Event is carried on in order to:

2.1. Organize efficient and heavy coverage of preparation and holding the Event in Russian and foreign media;

2.2. Provide media representatives with conditions necessary to carry out their professional activities on preparation and dissemination of information about the Event.

3. Accreditation of media representatives is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law "On mass media" and this Regulation.

4. Accreditation of media representatives is necessary for the latter to work at the Event.

Accreditation for media representatives:

1. Persons eligible for accreditation:

1.1. Media editorial staff registered in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Mass Media";

1.2. Employees of foreign media accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. In the absence of foreign journalist's accreditation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, such media representative can be solely registered as visitor of the Event. In this case, such representative can report Event Organizer (using contact information on the event website) about his visit and send a request for assistance in his work and free provision of the status of Event visitor;

1.3. Bloggers. Bloggers shall be understood as owners of websites and/or website pages in Internet that host public information and with traffic of over three thousand Internet users per day.

1.4. Other persons on the basis of individual decision of Event Organizer.

Quota for accreditation of media representatives:

1. Due to limited infrastructure capabilities of Event venue, quota for accredited media representatives at the Event is introduced:

1.1. One print media may be represented at the Event by max 2 journalists and 1 photographer;

1.2. One channel - 5 representatives max (including correspondents, cameramen, lighting technicians);

1.3. One radio station - 2 representatives max;

1.4. One news agency and internet resource - two representatives max from each.

2. At this, accreditation of media representatives - media partners of the event in all categories shall be carried out in accordance with conditions specified in packages of media partners of the Event.

3. Presence of media representatives during separate procedures (parts of the Program) of the Event may be limited due to individual decision made by Event Organizer.

Submitting and processing of applications for accreditation:

1. Decision on accreditation shall be taken on the basis of individual application for accreditation from media representative, to be filled on the official website of the Event Organizer and/or on the basis of official letter of Media to Organizer for accreditation of journalists (journalists).

2. All fields of accreditation form shall be filled. Failure to do so entails the refusal to process application.

3. Official letter-application for media accreditation must contain: name, surname, patronymic of each media representative to be accredited to the Event, his passport details, work and cell phone numbers, e-mail address.

4. Applications for accreditation from media representatives can be submitted within the period from April 15, 2019, to October 3, 2019.

5. Organizer of the Event makes decision on accreditation of media representatives during the three (3) days after receipt of application/official letter from the editorial board, but no later than October 4, 2019.

6. Organizer of the Event shall have the right to deny media accreditation without explanation.

Issuance of accreditation badges:

1. Media representative receives accreditation badge having confirmed accreditation in Organizer database and upon presentation of passport (editorial license).

2. Issuance of accreditation badges is carried out at the reception at the entrance to the Event.

3. Accreditation badge is personal, its transfer to any third party during Event holding is strictly prohibited.

4. In case of loss of accreditation badge, media representative should immediately contact representatives of Event Organizer with the request for a duplicate.

5. Accreditation badge is valid only upon presentation of passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, foreign passport or other identity document.

Rights and obligations of accredited media representatives

1. Accredited media representative shall have the right to:

1.1. Participate in Event program, except for positions that can be accessed only by VIP-participants or where access is limited by Event Organizer;

1.2. Receive prompt, complete and accurate information about the Event, press conferences, briefings and other media events within the Event;

1.3. Use all services (if any), prepared for work of media representatives at the Event;

1.4. Use help of representatives of Organizer to obtain additional information from participants of the Event;

1.5. Accredited media representative shall also enjoy other rights provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation on mass media.

2. Accredited media representative shall:

2.1. Using official information and quoting reports and speeches of participants/speakers of Event, accredited media representative shall mention exhibition «3D Print Expo» and venue (ECC "Sokolniki") in his publications or reports;

2.2. Check the accuracy of the information reported to him;

2.3. When using the information received from Event participants, identify the source of this information at their request;

2.4. Do not carry photo, audio and video recording of Event participants outside of the business program of the Event without consent of these Event participants.

2.5. Other duties established by the legislation of the Russian Federation on mass media, shall also be applied to accredited media representative.

Accreditation deprivation order:

1. Journalists (editorial team) may be deprived of accreditation:

1.1. When intervening in the order of Event holding;

1.2. If disseminating information that is untrue, violating the laws of Russian Federation or generally accepted standards of journalistic ethics;

1.3. In case of failure to comply with the rules established by Organizers, particularly in relation to location of media representatives at the Event during business and cultural program.

1.4. In case of violation of generally accepted norms of conduct and morality at venues Events.

2. Decision to deprive journalist of accreditation shall be made by Organizer. The decision must be motivated and in written form.

3. In case of violation of rules of conduct at the Event by accredited journalist, employees of Organizer or security (PSC) has the right to withdraw accreditation badge. To resolve conflict situations related to accreditation, journalist or media editorial team may contact the head/representative of Organizer.

4. Organizer shall not be responsible for deprivation of accreditation, equipment and other tangible assets confiscated from media representatives by law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of the Event.

5. The organizer is not liable for any property of the editorial office of media and/or personal property of journalist, that is missing, damaged or otherwise wholly or partially lost at the Event. In such cases, the owner of the lost property shall be entitled (at his sole discretion) to apply to law enforcement authorities in order to establish the truth and bring to justice to those responsible. By their actions carried out in relation to complete or partial loss of property, media representatives should not disrupt the normal course of Event, create any difficulties/obstacles/inconvenience to people present at the Event.


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4-5 of October 2019


ECC "Sokolniki", 5-iy Luchevoy prosek, 7/1, pavilion 2


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