Artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz used twelve of his former flames as the inspiration for these 3D-printed shoes.

"I had been interested for years in creating a project that could revisit the relationships and women that had been so important at another time," Errazuriz told Dezeen. "Like anyone else I have always found it quite incredible that when it comes to romantic relationships over the years, different people will represent a vital role in our lives even though later we might never see many of them again."

 Cry Baby. 3D Print Expo 1 Cry Baby. 3D Print Expo 2

Cry Baby 


In 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers, each of the high-heeled shoes is designed for a woman Errazuriz previously had a relationship with, some of which lasted years and others just one night.

Heart Breaker . 3D Print Expo 1 Heart Breaker . 3D Print Expo 2

Heart Breaker


"The idea was to try and review  those past sexual and romantic relationships from a distance of time," said Errazuriz. "To expose yourself to scrutiny and judgment and invite others to check their own romantic relationships with their beauties, flaws, failures and success."

The shape of each shoe represents how he remembers its counterpart: either by a nickname, a personal attribute or sexual behaviour.

 The Boss. 3D Print Expo 1 The Boss. 3D Print Expo  2

The Boss


First in the series is Honey, a shoe formed from a yellow honeycomb pattern modelled on a girl that was too nice for him.

Red shoes in the collection include Heart Breaker, which has an arrow through the back, Hot Bitch that appears to be melting and The Jetsetter with an aeroplane model forming a stiletto heel.

G.I. Jane . 3D Print Expo

G.I. Jane


The green G.I. Jane shoe has a small soldier figurine on the toe, made for a girl who went commando on their date and who's father was an army colonel.

The Virgin. 3D Print Expo

The Virgin


A pure white effigy of the Virgin Mary forms the heel on another, with her garments flowing into the front of the design. Other models are named The Ghost, The Rock and The Boss.

The Rock. 3D Print Expo

The Rock


All of the shoes were digitally modelled then 3D-printed from PET plastic using a Makerbot Replicator 2.

Jet Setter. 3D Print Expo

Jet Setter


"It's the first time we used a 3D printer," Errazuriz told Dezeen. "The idea was to create digital sculptures on 3D programs that could then not only be used to fabricate one-off shoe sculptures that could be purchased by an art collector, but also have the potential to be turned into injection plastic moulds."

Gold Digger. 3D Print Expo

Gold Digger


The collection is on show at a pop-up shop for Brazilian shoe brand Melissa in Miami until 6 January.

Shoes in another representational series we've featured undergo physical changes to reflect birth, life, death and resurrection.


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