Three unusual 3D printers of the past year

Three unusual 3D printers of the past year

2016 was very fruitful in terms of developments for additive manufacturing. Interestingly, 3D printers were created by qualified scientists as well as amateurs.  Just take the budget 3D printer produced by German schoolboy nicknamed Vulcaman, which uses the laser sintering technology. But today we would like to mention uncommon 3D printing devices. Therefore, below you will find a list of three most unconventional 3D printers presented in the last year.

TOP 3 unconventional 3D devices 2016

1. Robot-like spiders with printing legs from Siemens

Three unusual 3D printers of the past year  - 1

Siemens Spiders are autonomous machines intended for additive manufacturing. They look like spiders and operate collaboratively. It is very convenient as the printing process goes fast and seamlessly. When a spider runs out of filament, it goes away to be recharged, being replaced by another machine. These unique spiders will be used for quick production of car bodies, hulls of ships or airplane fuselages.    

2. A 3D printer assembled from Fischertechnik construction kit

Three unusual 3D printers of the past year  - 2

Famous company Fischertechnik, which focuses on the production of intelligent construction sets intended for creation of various mechanisms, released a special kit that allows assembling a robust FDM 3D printer. The kit is meant for children above 14-years old, but it will also appeal to adults. The kit consists of 890 elements, including electronic components, special nozzle, motors and even expendables.

3. Mobile 3D printer OLO

Three unusual 3D printers of the past year  - 3

Specialists from San Francisco have developed a unique device called OLO, which can turn your smartphone into a real polymer 3D printer. Device consists of 7 plastic parts, a chip and an engine. It uses a special software algorithm, which makes the display to emit light at specific intervals. Photocurable resin, created especially for the mobile 3D printer, solidifies under the influence of light. Unfortunately, only small-sized items can be printed.

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