Desktop Metal 3D printing: safety, speed and economy

Desktop Metal 3D printing: safety, speed and economy

Researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched a Desktop Metal startup to change our view on metal 3D printing. Due to a unique technology, they developed safe, quick, compact and reasonable devices that also are easy-to-use.

It is planned to release two models. Studio printers are aimed at private use of engineers and designers. They work a bit more slowly, are of a smaller size and cost less ($120 thousand). An industrial model is named Production. Its performance is about 8.2 thousand cm3 products per hour, which is more than 100 times bigger than that of all existing metal 3D printers. Its price is $420 thousand.

In fact, this price isn’t high compared to similar devices on the market that cost about $1 m. In addition, each set also includes a furnace; however, you should have four of them for the maximum effectiveness because its printing process is very quick.

Besides, Desktop Metal use will be completely safe. No respirator or special ventilation systems are needed. The level of their safety is similar to that of plastic 3D printers.

#D print Expo 2017. Desktop Metal 3D printing: safety, speed and economy

The Studio release is scheduled for the end of 2017 while Production printers will be available the following year.

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