3D printed Motorika prosthesis will be absolutely free

3D printed Motorika prosthesis will be absolutely free

Recently, we have written about Motorika developing the functional arm prosthesis, called KIBI, using 3D printer, based on the unique design by six-year-old girl customer. Just a few days ago, the company announced the completion of KIBI certification and posted the following information on the website: from now on, everyone can order high-quality forearm prosthesis with mechanical traction for government funds.                

The conformity certificate of 3D printed forearm prosthesis with mechanical traction allows Motorika to produce KIBI+ at the cost of government financing. Such prostheses are cheap, fast printed and take into account anatomic features of the patient.     

KIBI prosthesis can be used only in case of wrist joint mobility that activates grasp mechanism and allows patient to keep various subjects.    

3D printed Motorika prosthesis will be absolutely free

KIBI+ model is designed for patients who have lost a below elbow limb, because the mechanism operates by means of elbow joint. Pulling cables can be adjusted depending on customer’s preferences: for full or partial finger clenching.       

New Motorika prostheses are produced around ten days. Each model is created personally. Moreover, a future owner can choose design, color, and other characteristics. One can also order accessory mounting to keep various gadgets. 

KIBI+ is perfect for children with injured limbs. The prosthesis can be mounted to at least one-year-old child. Furthermore, specialists recommend to do it as early as possible, so that a baby growths normally and gets accustomed to the functional artificial hand. Moreover, now one can order quality prosthesis absolutely free.



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