3D Print Expo 2014 Business Program

3D Print Expo 2014 Business Program


On the 13th ­– 14th of February, 2014, Moscow will host 3D Print Expo, Russia’s first 3D printing technologies exhibition.  It will be the main 3D printing industry event gathering scientists, experts, developers, suppliers and everyone interested in growth of technology. Theme Conference and 3D scanning and printing workshops will take place as part of the exhibition


The first day of the exhibition, February the 13th, is designed for professionals and business representatives. This day, access for regular visitors will be limited. First day of 3D Print Expo Conference will present the following sessions:

  • 3D printing: New possibilities for business
  • Finances: How 3D printing can help your business
  • Operation and application innovations
  • 3D printing marketing: How, where and what you could use to earn profit

Also, there will be some lightning talks on the topic "How to make a 3D model and where could one learn to do that" (based on the programmers’ and developers’ experience).

Two workshops will take place during the first day:

  • 10:30 – "3D scanning technology"
  • 14:00 – "3D printing technology"


Everyone would be able to visit event on the 14th of February and watch 3D scanning and printing processes live.

Second day of the Conference is called 3D Printing Day: The Future is Here. People could visit the following sessions:

  • Personal 3D printers: From a child’s toy to jewellery
  • 3D printers in social sector: Healthcare, education, science
  • 3D printing and its influence on the environment

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This day will also host two workshops:

  • 10:30 AM – How to manage 3D scanning with your phone
  • 2:00 PM – 3D printing potential in different industries

Workshops will demonstrate 3D scanning and printing possibilities in different fields of operation.


3D Print Expo Conference will gather professional speakers: Alexandr Kostikov, СЕО (lenincraft.ru), Konstantin Ivanov, CEO (3DPrintus.ru), Kseniya Vonotkova (SD systems, Consistent Software Distribution and 3DPHome.)

The Conference is developed to help you find answers to 3D printing questions and understand the importance of three-dimensional printing for business. The event will be interesting for CEOs, Executives, Investors, Marketers and everyone excited about the 3D printing industry.


Join  3D Print Expo, that will take place on the 13th – 14th of February in ECC Sokolniki, Moscow!

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