3D Print Expo Conference

3D Print Expo Conference

In February, Moscow will host the most exciting event in the world of advanced technology - conference and exhibition of 3D printing and scanning technology 3D Print Expo. There are a lot of rumors around the event. And today we are ready to debunk all the myths and publish the preliminary program of exhibition and conference 3D Print Expo.

Yes, Chocolate 3D Print Festival will be held!

Yes, it is announced that 2nd day of the exhibition, February 14th, is not only day for business representatives but for general public as well!

And yes, we have invited the best specialists in 3D printing that will hold workshops!

And now we are going to show you all the aces! You are already know exhibitors from our previous releases. We would like to bring to your attention speakers and topics that they will report on!

So, on February 13th, on the first "business day", speakers will discuss the market of 3D printing in four large thematic sections of the conference:


1. 3D printing. New business opportunities.


  •  Alexander Sosnovskikh, Lenincraft, giving a master class "Scanning and printing for business: use cases";
  •  Michael Sorkin, iGo3D GmbH (Germany), reporting on "First steps into the 3D-printing retail";
  •  Yang Yihu, reporting on "Application of 3D FDM Printing Material".

2. The following speakers will report on broad topic "Innovation in manufacturing processes and fields of application":

  • Stanislav Taktaev, "Proto -C", will present innovative 3D printer with interchangeable nozzles and ability to print plastic, metal, chocolate etc.;
  • Oleg Giyazov, RRT Global, speaking about "Acceleration of production process with digital technology 3D printing technology";
  • Konstantin Ivanov, 3DPrintus, reporting on "Platform for personal 3D printing - simple interface for access to opportunities 3D production provides".

3. How to create a 3D model and where one can learn to do it:

Ilya Aleshkov, Gearbox, with lightning talk "System for intuitive creation of gear type units"

4. Marketing of 3D printing: how and where one can make money out of it:

Vladimir Davydov, Completo, presentation on "How to develop a systematic approach to development of 3D printer business in Internet"

February 14th, VISITORS day

The following speakers will report within the three major topics of 3D Print Expo conference:

1. On "Personal 3D printers: from toys to jewelry":

  • Alla Aspidova, Consistent Software Distribution, interactive master class on "Reverse-engineering for dummies";
  • Boris Shpirt, 3Dfactor, will speak about "Peculiarities of national 3D printing of people";
  • Umberto Giraudo, Product design in British Higher School of Art & Design, speech topic is not specified yet.

2. On "Should one be afraid of technology? 3D weapon as example of reverse side of the coin":

Ivan Perfilov from the Technical University of Berlin will talk about "Using 3D powder printer in robotics".

3. On "3D printers in social sphere: medicine, education, science":

  • Representatives of 3Dphome.ru will present "Crafty ways to turn image into 3D image";
  • Yaroslav Bikhovskyi, Institute of Innovative Technology, will speak about «3D printing and prototyping for high school";
  • Irina Desyatykh, Prototypster, will deliver a report on "Education in the field of 3D printing: a new approach to training of specialists".

And there is more to come! We are constantly negotiating for cooperation with most remarkable representatives of 3D printing industry, so the program may be changed: the show will feature even more interesting! Watch for announcements on our web site and be to first learn about revolutionary technology that will change this century in the nearest future.


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