3D Print Expo now in Kiev

3D Print Expo now in Kiev

On February 13-14 Moscow hosted exhibition and conference of advanced 3D printing and 3D scanning technology 3D Print Expo, which was attended by a large number of people not only from Russia but also from the CIS countries. Hefty hype surrounding the event, and especially its conferences and educational part, made ​​it clear that interest to technologies went far beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. Having analyzed the data on the number of exhibitors from Ukraine and demand of Ukrainian visitors for 3D-equipment the organizers are seriously thinking about entering a new market.

Advanced 3D printing and scanning technologies conference in the capital of Ukraine is scheduled for this spring - May 14, 2014!

It is expected that the subject of a new conference in Kiev will be in tune with Moscow’s. As practice has shown, participants of Moscow conference were most of all interested in:

  • building business in the field of 3D printing and scanning;
  • innovations in production processes and application areas;
  • marketing of 3D printing: how, where and out of what you can earn;
  • personal 3D printers: from play game to jewelry;
  • 3D printers in the social sphere: medicine, education, science etc.

In addition, within the framework of the Kiev conference workshops are scheduled, when all participants will have the opportunity to try in practice almost all of the material covered. For example, students will investigate the operating principles of 3D printer and scanner, get to know what reverse-engineering is, will take part in interactive activities, and learn to make various souvenirs using specialized 3D equipment.

And that's not all. Smile Expo, organizer of the event, is actively working to attract new members and foreign experts, so that the main intrigue is yet to come. Keep an eye out for our announcements, and you're the first to know what awaits visitors of 3D Print Conference in Kiev on May 14, 2014.

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