3D Print Expo will be held alongside with EAAPA 2014

3D Print Expo will be held alongside with EAAPA 2014

12-14 February 2014 Moscow will host two significant events - Russia's first Exhibition of high technologies and 3D printing 3D Print Expo and VII Eurasian Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo EAAPA 2014.

Exhibitions’ organizer company Smile Expo has decided to combine two largest trade fairs under the same roof - in Exhibition and Convention Center "Sokolniki". Synergy of two exhibitions will provide an additional round to development of each event and will attract more visitors. Both exhibitions will occupy the area of over 8,000 square meters.

Russia's first 3D-printing exhibition aims to acquaint its visitors with technology of three-dimensional printing widely applied in various industries today; it is competitive and more cost effective.

EAAPA expo that brings together largest manufacturers and suppliers of parks and attractions is also a significant industry event. Organizers hope that thanks to different marketing campaigns of both exhibitions at those days ECC "Sokolniki" will be a meeting place for everybody engaged in or planning to do business in entertainment industry. It is possible that in the future these two industries will actively engage. There is high probability that entertainment equipment will be created using 3D-printing. Today structures that can then become an integral part of entertainment industry are created using 3D-printing technologies.


Nowadays even mini-pool (designed by Kai Parthy) and 3D printed skateboard (by Sam Abbott) were created using 3D-printing technologies. London lab D2W designed 3D printed birdhouse, and American developers from company Captured Dimensions make 3D color copies of people and their pets. Clay figurines (cubify.com) and the biggest Rubik's Cube (by Oscar van Deventer) were also created with three-dimensional printing. One can imagine that in a few years it will be possible to make 3d printed buildings and large-scale structures. Especially taking into account that material for 3D-printing is very varied - from metal to plastic, glass, chocolate and even ice.

3D Print Expo will be a landmark event for everybody interested in 3D printing. And there are quite a lot of those interested, because three-dimensional technology is used in many different fields: medicine, education, architecture, art and cooking.


Join 3D Print Expo - exhibition that will present technologies of the future.

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