3D Printed Car Will Travel Across the USA

3D Printed Car Will Travel Across the USA

Ubree 2 is a 3D printed car that will be used by its creators for a journey across America, from one coast to the other.

7 hp hybrid engine system uses 7,6 kWh batteries of electromotor in the city with the capacity sufficient for 64 km of moving. When it comes to the interstate, combustion engine will allow driving with the constant speed of 110 km/h.


The car weights 550 kg, its 30% less than its predecessor. Car’s resistance value is 0,149 (less than Toyota Prius and Tesla Model S with values 0,25 and 0,24 respectively).

In order for the project to be implemented, developers have started a Kickstarter campaign aiming to collect $30,000 at first with total $3 mn of donations.


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