3D Printed MOOD Glasses Provide Trippy Visuals without the Trip

3D Printed MOOD Glasses Provide Trippy Visuals without the Trip

Hungarian artist Bence Agoston’s MOOD specs probably won’t help you trip so hard you see the ultimate nature of the Universe, but they will replicate some of the visuals you might experience while on hallucinogens. Post on the artist’s Behance site, these 3D printed frames are paired with a set of six different kaleidoscopic lens that, when rotated, create a number of fun patterns, based on the Moiré effect.

The master describes his red, green, and blue filters in this way, “Because each color filters the incoming lights differently, and the patterns can overlap each other or leave blank fields, the new view is completely random and twisted.”

The artist makes no direct reference to LSD, but he does say that the ideal time to use them might be while listening to psychedelic music, “The ideal situation for use is during travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sights, in perfect harmony with the music. The shape is designed with the aim of simplicity and distinctness, as if the wearer belongs to a kind of subculture.”

You can check out Agoston’s complete Behance portfolio here.  For all of you psychonauts out there, hopefully he’ll find a way to make them available for sale soon.  Then again, if hallucinations take place in your mind, maybe you don’t even need the glasses in the first place…

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