3D Printer is Your Personal Desktop Factory

3D Printer is Your Personal Desktop Factory

Until quite recently, 3D printers have been considered as expensive equipment that could be applied only on the industrial scale. However, each year proves that 3D printers become more and more affordable and can produce wide range of interesting and useful products for the household. Nowadays such device could print almost everything, from medical prostheses and furniture to jewellery and fine cuisine.

Today, 3D printing is one of the most advanced technologies that promises to become common mass in the nearest future. Good-quality 3D printers are sold for the price of a laptop and one can adjust it and start printing in just 15 minutes. Even though the technology still has some limitations for general users, experts say that this will change soon enough and everyone could explore the technology of 3D printing.

Till 2019, 3D printing market value will comprise $6,5 billion, reports the UN’s WIPO. Major 3D printing areas will include healthcare, consumer industry, construction and IT. Finding any 3D model in the Internet is as easy as pie. A lot of everyday items and even some devices will be off market. Natural process, considering that you could download the thing you like online and print it at home or in some shop nearby. The speed and quality of printing will improve as well. Monochrome, two-colour and three-color models will be changed by the multi-colour devices.


And finally, new fine printing materials will allow us to make plastic details that we usually make from metal. The number of potential 3D printing consumers will increase with the prices reduction, and that is an inevitable fact. Almost every person will have an individual desktop factory in just a few years.

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