3D printing is becoming the most popular work for freelancers

3D printing is becoming the most popular work for freelancers

Outsourcing work to freelancers - is a great way to free up some time and complete the project for little money. Over the past few years, the number of online freelancers has incredibly grown, and in what area freelancers are in most demand?

Freelancer.com published its quarterly analysis of outsourcing projects for the 1st quarter 2014, and the latest figures show a huge increase in demand in the category of technology, and in particular high demand for 3D printing.

In Q1 2014 over 270,000 works have been analyzed to give coverage to labor market situation in developing industries worldwide.

3D-печать – становится самой востребованной работой для фрилансеров на сегодня - 1

According to website report, there is a large increase in the number of 3D projects in such categories as 3D printing, conceptual design and architectural work. In Q1 2014, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in all fields related to 3D.

There is increase of 43.9% (up to 2784 projects) in the category of 3D rendering; in 3D animation we witnessed increase of 35.7% (up to 3,183 projects) and in the field of 3D modeling  - increase of 34.5% (up to 3230 tasks), and that is due to the fact that Facebook acquired Oculus Rift. In late March, Facebook acquired manufacturer of virtual reality helmets for $2 billion. 3D image enable enterprises to implement their goods and services and at the same time communicate with their users on a new and exciting level.

Besides, global interest in 3D printing contributes to significant advances in this technology, which in its turn results in decreasing expenses in this area, and retailers are already dreaming at the very thought of available 3D printers under the Christmas trees at the coming festive season in 2014, Freelancer.com states. For example, lately announced consumer 3D printer Micro, priced $299, has already raised $2.8 million on Kickstarter. This will contribute to 3D printing becoming more available and affordable both for individuals and for small businesses. Website report also stated increase in projects in the following categories: Graphic Design (up to 51.389 projects), Illustrations - increase of 32.7% (up to 3308 projects), and Animation - increase of 21.3% (up to 2,755 projects).


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