3D Printing Explosion: Cheap Personal 3D Printer Raises $1.5 m in 24 hrs

3D Printing Explosion: Cheap Personal 3D Printer Raises $1.5 m in 24 hrs

Micro 3D is a personal 3D printer that has gathered $1.35 m on Kickstarter in one day.

Developers initially aimed to raise $50 000. As a result, they’ve managed to do this in 11 minutes since the crowdfunding campaign start. The total number of the project supporters was more than 5 million who donated $1.43 m.

Micro 3D creators promote their device as “the first really personal machine for the three-dimensional printing”.

Micro 3D looks like a cube, with each edge sized about 18 cm. Device can print small objects like toys, vases, cookie bowl etc.

3D printer is quite simple to use and can automatically adjust size and calibrate models. Kickstarter contributors would be able to purchase it for $199.

Such interest in 3D printing can be explained by the advantages of three-dimensional technologies, especially its speed, accuracy, and reduced cost for unique objects manufacturing.

3D printing is applications are spreading to various spheres -- healthcare, architecture, construction, fashion etc.

Certainly, advanced 3D printing technologies will become popular in such countries as Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

This has been proven at 3D Print Expo, Russia’s first advanced 3D printing technologies exhibition and conference in Moscow. The event gathered huge number of visitors from Russia and CIS states. Such success of the exhibition and its business conference in particular made organizers understand that 3D technologies buzz is further increasing and has reached far beyond than just Russian Federation.

That’s why we decided to create similar events in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Organizers are certain that 3D printing and scanning are one of the most emerging areas which will attract live interest of Ukrainian and Kazakhstani businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Next event: 3D Print Conference will take place on the 29th of Maym 2014 in Almaty, Kazakhstan hotel conference hall (52/2 Dostyk Ave) Join us!


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