3D Printing in Fashion Revolution

3D Printing in Fashion Revolution

Popular trends of the fashion world are driven by 3D printing! Exclusivity is the most important requirement of haute couture, that’s why 3D printing is becoming more and more common for this industry. Many modern designers, including Bradley Rotenberg, Iris van Herpen, Janne Kyttanen, Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt support the new trend.

They’re encouraged by the accessibility of materials for cloth 3D printing: silicone, natural latex, soft metal, polyurethane, teflon, viscose, cotton, nylon plastic etc. Unlimited patterns, figures, pressings and perforations methods are another benefit of 3D printing.

Today, there exists a lot of 3D printing and cloth combining examples: customized shoes, weird forms of heels, all kinds of accessories, unusual dresses, single use underwear. One of the most vivid 3D printed cloth supporters is Bjork and Lady Gaga.

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Most of 3D printed designer dresses are not printed as a whole part, but they all have such elements. Initially, Photoshop is used to create a digital 3D model. Programming processes are used instead of manual work. Such kind of cloth has even been named – techno couture.

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With the appearance of 3D printing, the problem of unsuitable sizes has disappeared. Soon enough, customers will go to 3D printing workshop instead of the boutique to buy a new dress. Such workshops are already operational and will spread massively within two years.

Talks about 3D printing in Russia are very crucial nowadays. The amount of manufacturers and suppliers, as well as users is getting higher and higher.

In February 2014, ECC Sokolniki will host 3D Print Expo, Russia’s first three-dimensional technologies exhibition and conference gathering scientists, experts, developers, suppliers and everyone interested in technological progress.

Companies from different sectors of market will demonstrate their products and services including personal 3D equipment, industrial 3D printers, details, materials and 3D printing accessories and software. Exhibition business program will be completed by the conference devoted to three-dimensional printing and its application throughout the industries.

An event will be interesting for amateurs and professionals, as well as investors who could close profitable deals at the exhibition.  Event program has been developed to comply with the expectations and needs of all participants: first day (February the 13th) will be all about business; second day (February the 14th) is visitor’s day, so everyone could come to the event.


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