With 3D Printing, Losing Face Can Be a Good Thing — and Definitely a UFO!

With 3D Printing, Losing Face Can Be a Good Thing — and Definitely a UFO!

There are those who ruin a reputation by losing face and then there are those who just build a new one. Unidenitfied-Fabulous-Objects, an artistic duo from Berlin belong in the second category: the melting faces they have built with their Ultimaker 2 definitely put them on the map of 3D printed art.

While many 3D printing artists depend on advanced sintering technologies they gave form to their digital designs with a desktop FFF 3D printer, albeit one of the best ones on the market, and have started to gain international recognition. The duo’s work was first featured at the iGo3D store, then subsequently at the latest Facon event in Erfut and even at the Materia exhibit at BWE Zielona Gòra, an art gallery in Warasaw, Poland.


UFO’s creations are the kind that captures the imagination, by touching on some our innermost collective memories: melting faces, faces peeling off like masks, faces colliding and fusing with each other. What is particularly striking is the finish of most of their artworks: some are painted with acrylic paint, others use a glossy iron grey spray, while some simply rely on aesthetically pleasing filament such as the silky black PLA.


Some of the sculpture required over 48 hours to print, which goes a long way to demonstrate the solidity of the Ultimaker 2 as a 3D printing system. The Unidentified Fabulous Objects website is definitely worth a trip into the meanderings of their artistic mind, just don’t lose your head over it.

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