3D Printing at Your Kitchen: Convenient Form for Homemade Ravioli

3D Printing at Your Kitchen: Convenient Form for Homemade Ravioli

You don’t want to spend money on food 3D printer or make your own one? Here’s an alternative idea: 3D printed form for homemade ravioli. Thingiverse user MEH4d created a form for fast ravioli cooking.

He explained that you just had to roll out the dough in a slim layer, cover the 3D printed form and make little cell bowls in the dough. Next, put stuffing into each bowl and cover everything with another dough layer. Then roll it with a pin couple of times until zigzag ravioli closed edges appear and you have perfect matching pieces. Just throw them into boiling water and cook!


Prepared ravioli and 3D printed form for the cooking process

Certainly, readers question the safety of using a 3D printed filament in cooking. For instance, Thingiverse user designrama warns that “there’s no such thing as safe cooking plastic”, this tern has been created a few decades ago by the Food and Drug Administration (USA) lobbyists representing plastic industry. Just google “food plastic leaching” if you want to find out more. But some of you use novelties self-consciously. User borisdamole said: “I’ve used this thing 4 times and it works just great!” It’s only up to you to decide whether to take risk or not, using 3D printed devices while cooking.





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