3Dsimo Multi-material Pen For 3D Drawing

3Dsimo Multi-material Pen For 3D Drawing

You’ve probably heard about the 3Doodler. It was one of the most successful projects at Kickstarter. About 30,000 participators helped to gather more than $2,3 mn. Now, there’s 3Dsimo available. David Paskevich from Prague, Czech Republic, with his team have launched a new 3Dsimo campaign, that is a new multi-material pen for 3D drawing at indiegogo.com.

3Dsimo has some similarities with 3Doodler, but now you can choose your printing mode – temperature and speed. 3Dsimo is able to work with various materials, such as ABS, PLA, PVA (water soluble material) and nylon in different temperature modes. Other options include illumination, pre-heating and memory for settings. These parameters are used to define the proper printing mode.

3Dsimo Multi-material Pen For 3D Drawing 1

Operating principle

Just like 3Doodler, 3Dsimo is very simple to use, it seems to be a usual pen. Every person familiar with a pen will master 3Dsimo. When you connect it, a required speed and temperature can be chosen, basing on the material.

3Dsimo Multi-material Pen For 3D Drawing 2

3Dsimo resembles FDM technology, with plastic being fed to the hot pin. It can be used to repair the plastic device, assemble 3D printers, create jewelry or enjoy 3D modeling.

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Like many other start-ups, 3Dsimo has launched a campaign to gather additional finances for the investment platform. 3Dsimo plans to raise $20,000 for the metal casting molds and obtain the CE marking.

3Dsimo weights 180 grams, and its length is only 170 mm. The full 3Dsimo package includes 3Dsimo pen, doc-station, 30 meters of printing material (ABS and PLA) and battery charger. First 100 people who support the project will be able to buy for $75. Have a look at the 3Dsimo campaign at indiegogo.com.

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