ALT Design launches new Atom ZecZec 3D printer

ALT Design launches new Atom ZecZec 3D printer

Autumn is a good time for new printing product innovations, according to its multitude on the market. This October, the famous start-up platform Kickstarter has seen yet another 3D printer. It has been developed by the ALT Design Company and called Atom ZecZec.

ALT Design launches new Atom ZecZec 3D printer 1

The project aims to raise $20,400. And despite of the market’s product variety, the first four days have been a real success with 1,5 times more earnings than the originally planned amount. Latest news report that $50,400 has been raised already and there’s 36 more days before the end of the project. During this period, all willing may donate and help the developers.

ALT Design launches new Atom ZecZec 3D printer 2

It’s worth mentioning, that ALT Design is quite a young company. It has been founded in 2012 by two architect-engineers. Just like many other 3D printing enthusiasts, folks want to make 3D printing available for everybody. At least, they make such an impression in their statements.

ALT Design launches new Atom ZecZec 3D printer 3

New Atom 3D printer may be related to the Delta Robot family. This means that it has a high printing speed and pretty large printable area capacity. The 3D printer has high printable area resolution and solid aluminum framework.

Those who decided to support the Atom project at Kickstarter will have to donate 33 thousand TWD. For other buyers, it will be 2 thousands more (about $1,190). Assembled printer costs 50 thousand TWD at Kickstarter and 55 thousand TWD at other sites.

Technical data:

  • Printing technology: FFF / FDM
  • 18 cm + diameter х 33 cm + assembling size (8000 см³ and more)
  • Accuracy: 0,05 mm min / max 0,3 mm
  • Heating: Ø PLA
  • Printingspeed: 100 mm / sec
  • Moving speed (max.): 300 mm / sec
  • Size: 37 х 42 х 76 cm
  • Power: AC 100 — 240 V, ~ 2 А , 50-60 Hz
  • Power supply: 12 V DC @ 5 A
  • Ports: USB, SD Card
  • Software: Repetier Host
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Angle 1,8 ° NEMA17 1/16 micro-stepping

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