Architect ART Bureau CERTUS at 3D Print Expo

Architect ART Bureau CERTUS at 3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo welcomes its new participant - Art Bureau CERTUS, providing various services in the field of 3D technology, from 3D modeling to 3D printing.

Art Bureau CERTUS started its activity as a company engaged in 3D graphics. About 2 years ago, company founders learned about services of 3D printing. They got very interested and they began to actively learn about technologies and features of three-dimensional printing. "We realized that this trend is just starting to develop in Russia, and market potential is truly great. Later it was decided to begin to develop as a company providing 3D printing services", Sergey Smirnov, representative of Art Bureau CERTUS, says.

Art Bureau CERTUS offers a unique blend of traditional prototyping technology combined with modern possibilities of three-dimensional printing. It’s a brand new production of architectural and industrial models. One can see his model in great detail before it is made.

Company is focused on developers and architectural firms. Art Bureau CERTUS offers complete range of works on presentation of future project, from visualization to model production and creation of presentation video.

Experts use advanced technologies that significantly reduce cost of final product.

First Russian exhibition of advanced 3D printing and scanning technology is a great chance for the company to popularize 3D printing in Russia and present its products to exhibition participants and visitors. Also at 3D Print Expo Art Bureau CERTUS will sponsor three-dimensional logo figurines to be presented to exhibitors along with registered diplomas.

3D Print Expo will be held February 13-14 in ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow) and will bring together leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for 3D printing and scanning, founders of thematic portals and services, and experts working in this industry. The exhibition will also host conference on application of advanced technologies in various fields, and thematic workshops.


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