Art objects at 3D Print Expo

Art objects at 3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo brings together art and science! Painters, sculptors, designers and couturiers overcome old boundaries, looking for new forms to express their imagination, and 3D printer helps them. Today, with the help of this wonderful invention, it is possible to materialize most daring ideas. 3D printer accurately reproduces colors, structure and form of any idea. Three-dimensional printer becomes godsend for various artists and connoisseurs worldwide.

In February ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow) will host unique event for the Russian industry of 3D printing and scanning - 3D Print Expo! It is where you will see masterpieces - results of joint work of experienced artists and 3D printer.

We invite everyone to visit booth of Maxim Kashirskiy and Alexander Hollander!

On 13-14 February 2014 at 3D Print Expo Maxim and Alexander will present their unique art projects brought to life with the help of modern printing technology:

• Olympic glass

Traditional Russian utensils in modern design. Object dedicated to Sochi 2014Olympics.

• 3D MINT (Innovation money)

Innovation money is a fantasy art project for the design of new Russian money. You will see 3D printed coins printed, including a special "Commemorative coin", dedicated to 30th anniversary of first 3D printer creation with portrait of its inventor, founder and vice president of 3D Systems, Chuck Hull.

• Affordable sculpture

Presentation of business model for traditional sculptors that provides an opportunity to 3D scan their sculptures, and sculptors can sell a predetermined number of copies made of different materials using online 3D printing services. Artists will scan sculpture “Mind Monster” by contemporary sculptor Scott Riddle from Los Angeles and will publish it in different sizes from various materials. After the presentation there will be a briefing with representatives of Moscow art galleries and journalists to discuss new business model.

• Copies of sculptures in public places

Using portable 3D scanner they will scan several sculptures, located in public places in Moscow and St. Petersburg; sculptures will be 3D printed at the exhibition and presented at artists’ booth. As a part of performance experts will discuss the legal aspects of such actions.

• Diadem “Music of Love”

Project by Alexander Hollander is dedicated to February 14th. This diadem is made in the form of the stave with crystals inserted in places of notes.

More about participants:

Maxim Kashirskiy

Painter, graphic artist, created his own technique of lightdiffraction paint, media and video artist. In cooperation with wood craftsmen created historic landscape Moscow City 2013 - a mosaic of 14 kinds of wood with holographic elements. Author of fantasy art project "Innovative money", designed new Russian money with portraits of Russian scientists and inventors.

Alexander Hollander

Producer, designer and director. Makes short films, commercials, themed video projects. Organizes various events, his own exhibitions in Russia and abroad, cooperates with artists as producer and co-writer.

Press conference and presentation of all projects will be held on the first day, February 13th. Exact time will be announced later.

Learn about revolutionary technology that will change this century in the nearest future.

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