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CeBIT 2014: FreeSculpt presented 3D pen

CeBIT 2014: FreeSculpt presented 3D pen

3D printer specialist presents the next big thing – the 3D pen.

For some time now, 3D printers in a wide range of designs and performance levels have been becoming an increasingly common sight in the offices of creative and playful people. But now there’s a new kid on the block – the first pens that can be used to draw 3D objects quickly and easily in the air, with practice and a certain amount of skill, of course. FreeSculpt, a company that specializes in low-cost 3D printers, is now launching FX1-free, a 3D pen that can quickly become addictive. Anyone who’s not afraid to take that risk can try out the pen for themselves at the Pearl.GmbH stand at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover.

FX1-free is used to draw colorful 3D objects quickly and easily by hand, as if holding a standard ballpoint pen, except without the ink or paper. All it uses is a thin plastic filament and enough free space to trace the height, width and depth of objects. Users don’t even need special graphics or software know-how. Anyone can start drawing straight away. The ergonomic shape of the 3D pen makes it exceptionally easy to control. Drawing vertical lines in the air, twirling spirals up to the ceiling or connecting two points with a cross stroke – with a little practice, it won’t take long before users are finishing off their first small-scale sculptures. What’s more, writing speed is continuously variable, so users can decide for themselves whether they are confident enough to work fast, or would rather take their time producing their masterpiece.


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