Centerof additive technology "Voronezhselmash" presented first commercial 3D printer for household use

Centerof additive technology "Voronezhselmash" presented first commercial 3D printer for household use

On 5 April at the premises of Center of additive technology "Voronezhselmash" first in the capital of Black Earth region commercial 3D printer for household use was presented; it is developed by designers from Voronezh.

New development is targeted at pupils and students. Therefore new printer can be described as both educational and household. Soon serial production of this printer will start and it might catch fancy of not only educational institutions but also of private individuals.

Operational principle of printer is as follows: molten plastic is extruded in thin stream out of special die, thereby layer by layer creating future 3D object. Undoubted advantage of this printer is cheapness compared to similar machines. Its cost is only 38 500 RUB. This price is due to the fact that a number of necessary parts were made ​​on "Voronezhselmash" and not ordered abroad. Also close cooperation with plant allows for rapid service maintenance and machine upgrade.


Printer of household use produced in Voronezh can "print" toys, gifts, necessary home accessories and even jewelry.

Центр аддитивных технологий «Воронежсельмаш» презентовал первый серийный бытовой 3D-принтер - 1
Центр аддитивных технологий «Воронежсельмаш» презентовал первый серийный бытовой 3D-принтер - 2

Also on 5 April designers presented 3D pen for art modeling. Pen is designed primarily for use in schools and universities for the creation of architectural models. Innovative device is extremely simple. Pen, which operates off the supply line, is loaded with plastic filament which is melted with heating element. As a result out of this melted plastic necessary object is made. So in just 30 minutes constructors of center created architectural model of the Eiffel Tower.

In the nearest future we will also see new printer printing with metal.

Presentation of new products coincided with final of the children's contest “Thoughts in 3D format”. Pupils of 5-11 forms from around the region were invited to participate in the contest. The project has generated a lot of interest among pupils. Pupils from all parts of the region and Voronezh have sent more than 200 works. The task for children was not an easy one. They had to create 3D model of printer or object that has no analogues in the world. Fantasy of children turned out to be truly boundless. Models of young designers were made of boxes, clay, wooden planks. But it was Roman Romanov who has created the best model; from the basic materials he has created 3D printer that has all chances for the future.

If interest in 3D technologies will continue to be of same high level, in the nearest future household printer can become integral part of any family and every house. Everyone will be able to easily print at home souvenir or his own mini-sculpture, toy or print new cup instead one broken. Voronezh Center of additive technology will continue to work at diversifying the range of 3D machines for household use and making them as cheap as possible.

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