Children from Chelyabinsk print parts for robots

Children from Chelyabinsk print parts for robots

Young technicians have opportunities to design any model.

Pupils of House of Youth Technical Creativity of Chelyabinsk region master 3D printer. With the advent of 3D printing any items for the most fantastic and bold projects become available for children. According to "Uralinformbjuro", now they can create any model that was not possible to be made with hands before.

According to Vladislav Halamov, director of House of Youth Technical Creativity, today use of 3D printer is an innovation in education, but soon it should become a usual part of the educational process.

"The device provides students with opportunity to evaluate their own design solutions in three-dimensional space and create projects of any complexity. Besides, such printing may be used not only during robotics and aeromodelling classes, but also in design and technology classes. Many art forms, for example, toys, sculptures and figurines can be printed using 3D printers," V.Halamov said.



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