Chocolate Festival at 3D Print Expo

Chocolate Festival at 3D Print Expo

On the 13-14th of February, as part of 3D Print Expo, advanced three-dimensional printing exhibition, ECC Sokolniki hosted a Chocolate Festival!

Specially for visitors, exhibition organizers have prepared a presentation and tasting floor, which has become a place for the best Russian delicacy manufacturers and 3D printers developers to demonstrate their sweet fantasies and culinary skills by creating chocolate masterpieces.

Exhibition welcomed such companies as DIY Life, Шоколатье.ру and Fresh Cacao. Chocolate 3D printing industry leader, Choco Edge, has also been invited but the company faced difficulties on the border and could not bring equipment and show foreign 3D printers.

Nevertheless, this didn’t ruin the event! For the first time ever, guests saw the operation process of Russian produced chocolate 3D printer – at their request, the device has been printing St. Valentine’s hearts and exclusive messages for two days. Despite the existing technology doesn’t allow to print complex chocolate 3D models, presentation booth has gathered huge audiences and mass media excited to watch the display.

“Today, Russian market of 3D technologies is very rich, and I think that soon it will become more home-oriented. Look at the success of chocolate 3D printers booth!” told Alla Aspidova, 3D Print Expo Conference speaker during the interview.

Chocolate Festival at 3D Print Expo 1

The Festival demonstrated chocolate printing as a new artistic trend, and proved that bright mind can turn 3D printer into a unique culinary tool for artists, sculptors, and designers.

Chocolate printer can be used not only to decorate cakes and desserts, but also to create unique designer chocolate products. Printing device using sweet edible ‘inks’ gives an opportunity for everyone to make marvelous culinary items at home. People love chocolate but it’s everything new and interesting that makes them adore the technology!

Шоколатье.ру and Fresh Cacao contributed a lot to magical atmosphere of an event. Participants demonstrated the traditional way of making chocolate, treated people with tasty desserts and helped guests at workshops to create their own unique chocolate bars with candied fruits, nuts and spices.

Next Chocolate Festival will take place on the 23-25th of October, 2014 as part of the second 3D Print Expo exhibition, involving even more interesting participants and culinary masters.

You never know how the technology might evolve by that time.

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