Copyright and 3D printers

Copyright and 3D printers

3D printers are no more exotic - they are used today, and rather actively used.

Devices are widely spread, they are daily used, in household use as well. And, as it often happens, there is a question of using models, devices, materials, which can be created by these printers.

How and in what way you can honor copyright and protect already patented inventions?

Lawyer Julie Samuels says: "Life today is another reality, legal practice relating to copyright refers to the 70s". If 15 years ago Internet cafes were popping across the developed world, today 3D printer cafe is no less fashionable - you can go there to eat, drink a cup of coffee and casually print what you wanе. No one knows what exactly will be printed and no one knows if this is legal.

"Today, not only legislation concerning copyright is revised; we are also talking about toughening of patent laws. Jurisdiction may cover reproduction of models and devices using 3D printer", Julie Samuels says.For those who are engaged in research and development, industrial design and for those who works in related fields, this problem is extremely urgent - uncontrolled copying means lost profits.Lawyer Sidney Tetro, from time to time advising Disney Studio says "Network gives you instant access to the latest ideas and developments; with 3D printers the situation may become more complicated". Any industrial revolution results in significant changes both in law and in law enforcement, so obviously in the near future lawyers will have a lot of work.


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