Delivery day for this 3D printed bike

Delivery day for this 3D printed bike

The 9th of April. Today we joined designer Sam Froud at his studio to chat about the highly anticipated delivery of his new bike.

But it’s not just any bike that has had Sam eagerly waiting the postman; it’s one of the first ever 3D printed bikes – with parts manufactured by our 3D printing experts.

You may recall prototype #1, which we brought to you earlier this year.

Появился еще один велосипед с 3D-печатными титановыми деталями - 1

Sam Froud has joined forces with the same bike company, Flying Machine, to come up with this gem, dubbed Prototype #2.

They contacted us, and once again, we used our 3D printer to make a sweet set of lugs, the small metallic components that join the tubular frame of the bike, for the two-wheeler.

The new 3D printed parts make for ‘infinite flexibility’ and generally give riders a better cycling experience.

Sam’s bike was on display all weekend at the Design Matters event in Melbourne, part of Melbourne International Design Week 2014.

Sam definitely knows design matters, especially when it comes to 3D printing bikes.  Check out our chat with Sam and watch his first ride.

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