Designers from Macedonia will tell about 3D printing of comfortable clothes at 3D Print Expo 2016

Designers from Macedonia will tell about 3D printing of comfortable clothes at 3D Print Expo 2016

3D printing is able to reshape the future of the textile industry, making clothes more stylish and individual. Irina Tosheva and Nikola Kungulovski, famous designers from Macedonia, will tell how to create unique attires using 3D printers on November 18 at 3D Print Expo 2016. Specialists will speak within the block called “Application of 3D printing in design, art and fashion.        

The annual 3D Print Expo 2016 conference will take place on November 17-18 at Sokolniki ECC. The first event day will be dedicated to the development of additive technology industry. And on November 18, participants will discuss practical application of 3D printing. Experts in creating 3D printed clothes will speak on the second day.    

Speakers from Macedonia will report on the topic: 3D printed clothes. Could I actually wear it?

According to Irina Tosheva, a founder of Irina Tosheva studio, 3D modeling allows to materialize a vision of new designer’s attire. However, a three-dimensional model can’t show how practical and comfortable a thing is. Besides, 3D printed material significantly differs from cotton, Lycra and other common fabrics. Thus, nowadays, a lot of designers use additive technology tools to create accessories: hardware, jewelry, footwear, eyewear, and then combine them with models, made using traditional techniques.               

Irina thinks that innovative 3D printing technologies cannot replace the rich legacy but can significantly complement it. A mix of traditions and futuristic vision will allow to create incredible masterpieces. In particular, to create spring/autumn ’16 collection, the designer thoroughly researched traditional Macedonian ornaments and integrated some elements into digital 3D printed sculptures. These creations were then transformed into sketches for jewelry, clothing, and bag designs.        

Irina Tosheva told that the entire 3D printing process for the trendy pieces lasted around 200 hours, during which almost 2kg of various shades of filament was used up. Designers chose 0.14 mm layer thickness to ensure perfect accuracy and to enable the pieces to be printed thin and light. 

As a result, clothes with 3D printed elements appeared to be user-friendly, eco-friendly, material and affordable. This collection got adoring feedback from experts at the Fashion Weekend Skopje, Prishtina Fashion night in Kosovo and 3D Fashion show in Dusseldorf, Germany.                       

The design of Tosheva is defined as minimalistic, colorful and youthful. The comfortability is immensely important in her approach to fashion. She is also a co-founder and CEO of the Youth4Love, a civil society organization, known for its philanthropy works and the Free Hugs Campaign. 

Tosheva created one of Riza spring/summer '16 collections together with the aspiring architect, Nikola Kungulovski. Previous year, he opened the multidisciplinary creative studio PROXY, based in Skopje and Sofia, which is dedicated to the development of a modern and innovative design in architecture and interior design. The studio has been commissioned to work on various types of projects, including 3D design in the fashion industry, as well as in residential and industrial buildings.        

To find out how to use 3D printing in design and other industries, come on November 17-18 to Sokolniki ECC to 3D Print Expo 2016 conference.

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