'EDAG Light Cocoon' 3D printed paper-light concept car to debut at Geneva 2015

'EDAG Light Cocoon' 3D printed paper-light concept car to debut at Geneva 2015

Giant German manufacturing firm EDAG has announced plans to introduce the Light Cocoon concept at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, the most important European event for all car makers.

In March this year, EDAG demonstrated a 3D printed automobile "EDAG GENESIS" at the Geneva Motor Show. Created by the EDAG Competence Centre for Lightweight Construction, "EDAG GENESIS" is based on the bionic patterns of a turtle, which has a shell that provides protection and cushioning. The 3D printed shell is similar to a sandwich component, with fine, inlying bone structures that give the shell its strength and stability.

Following the success of the EDAG GENESIS, EDAG has come up with the Light Cocoon to show off their capabilities in advanced technologies.

The "EDAG Light Cocoon" features a complete, bionically optimised vehicle structure combined with a weatherproof textile outer skin panel. Supplied by outdoor specialists Jack Wolfskin, the outdoor textile "Texapore Softshell" provides ideal weather protection for the "Light Cocoon".

EDAG believes lightness will be an integrated part of all future developments in the car industry. Their designers took a leaf as their inspiration for the ultimate, lightweight outer skin. "Even if it sounds futuristic to begin with, this approach has a its own special appeal: weighing no more than 19 g/m², the Jack Wolfskin material supports maximum lightweight design requirements with minimum weight," said EDAG CTO Jörg Ohlsen.

"To give you a comparison: this extremely strong material is four times lighter than standard copier paper," Ohlsen added. "Combined with the topologically optimised, additively manufactured structure, it offers enormous potential and stimulus for the ultimate lightweight construction of the future."

In order to be able to implement bionic construction principles and natural strategies, additive manufacturing has been put to use for producing the Light Cocoon.


"We are pursuing the vision of sustainability – as demonstrated by nature: lightweight, efficient, and without any waste," explains EDAG's head designer, Johannes Barckmann. "The result: the 'EDAG Light Cocoon' presents a stable, branch-like load bearing structure from the 3D printer, which only uses material where it is absolutely necessary."

With the Cocoon EDAG has proved that it is possible to make a car light and efficient. The company remains silent with no word on the Powertrain or crash protection of this paper-light concept car. We just have to wait until March next year.


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