Educational project Prototypster at 3D Print Expo

Educational project Prototypster at 3D Print Expo

We are glad to introduce you another speaker of 3D Print Expo Conference - Daria Kazovskaya, project manager of Prototypster.

We already wrote about Prototypster as a participant of the exhibition. Prototypster was created to make 3D printing process more interactive and affordable; today it’s an impressive range of solutions for exploration and development of 3D printing in Russia.

At 3D Print Expo Conference, head of Prototypster Irina Desyatykh will speak on new educational direction of the project. She will tell how, why and who Prototypster team will teach 3D modeling and prototyping. She will also speak on how 3D printing can help today's students to grow into proactive generation of young geniuses.

More about speaker:

Daria Kazovskaya is marketing and PR director at Prototypster Prototypster. Responsible for project development and partnership. Supervises work of Prototypster team. Knows her business in details. Will easily answer any question - from "What is the maximum temperature for polyamide resin?" to "How to optimize model for 3D printing?".

Russia's first exhibition of advanced 3D printing and 3D scanning technology - 3D Print Expo will be held on February 13-14, 2014, in ECC "Sokolniki" (Moscow). The exhibition includes a conference that will bring together scientists, experts, developers, suppliers and everybody interested in development of these technologies.

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