Exclusive at 3D Print Expo: CyberDragon printer by Cyberon

Exclusive at 3D Print Expo: CyberDragon printer by Cyberon

Cyberon will present its new three-dimensional printing device, CyberDragon printer, as part of the exhibition area and pitch session at 3D Print Expo. It is the first printer for serial printing of plastic details.

Due to Dual X-Carriage technology with two independent extruders, CyberDragon conducts parallel speed printing two times faster.

The device is able to print using the majority of polymers, including PLA, ABS, PVA, PETG, TPU, and others.

Besides, one can apply various combinations of polymers. For example, customers can print using one material with the support of others, use two different colors, or create models of two materials.

An enclosed steel body with a three-dimensional frame allows to print using professional building materials with shrinkage and provides the record hardness.

The CyberDragon printer ensures professional quality of printing, reliability, and usability.

CyberDragon is produced by Cyberon, a company providing solutions and services for additive technologies.

The new printer will be introduced for the first time on October 12-13 at 3D Print Expo, stand С7.




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