ETH Zurich uses 3D printers and robots to build three-story house

ETH Zurich uses 3D printers and robots to build three-story house

Swiss scientists from ETH Zurich use 3D printers, robotic systems and other advanced technologies to build comfortable three-story house in Dubendorf. The DFAB House project is unique since it is implemented primarily through advanced digital solutions.

The goal of ETH Zurich is to test new construction methods in real conditions. Unlike other projects for 3D printing buildings, DFAB House will combine several methods of digital production. Synergy of technologies will increase the efficiency of construction.

To implement the project, researchers are going to use a huge caterpillar-tracked welding robot Mesh Mould, which will create a 3D printed construction of strong steel rods. It will set the shape of the future building, which can be different, even with double bends. In addition, 3D printed grating will act as a reinforcing element. After that, the mold will be filled with a special mixture of concrete, sufficiently viscous, so that it does not leak until it solidifies. A ready-made wall can withstand a huge load.

Two new solutions are also applied for the construction:

  • Smart Slab - technology of 3D printing of optimal concrete floors;
  • Smart Dynamic Casting - a method of 3D printing of decorative concrete structures using robotic manipulator.

DFAB House will be put into operation in a year. The house area is 200 m2. The building is equipped with a living space and research center for employees and partners of the campus of Next Evolution in Sustainable Building Technologies.

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