FunToDo announces coloring kits for creating custom-colored 3D print resins

FunToDo announces coloring kits for creating custom-colored 3D print resins

As we continue to see a surge of options for 3D scanners, 3D printers and other 3D printing-related technologies, we’re also seeing a surge of developments in the actual 3D printing materials themselves, too.  

While MakerBot has made the announcement that they’ll be adding PLA composite filaments to their product lineup later this year, and Made in Space has alerady started selling space-ready filament for the creation of earth-ready tools and other objects, the products that are likely to resonate with the most amount of people are those that bring high quality to the materials that are most commonly used with very competitive pricing.  

Among other companies that are focused on developing the highest quality material for the lowest possible price is Netherlands-based FunToDo.

“Ever since the SLA and DLP printers became readily available, the problem has always been the quality and the pricing of the resins,” says the company.  “Where the 3D printers were available in a range of qualities and prices, the development of the resins stayed behind.”

It’s not surprising that with more people switching over to the higher resolution SLA and DLP 3D printers now that prices are lowering, business is going quite well for the Dutch company and they’re now launching two new 3D UV Resin blends within their affordable quality resin range.

The two blends - ‘Snow White’ and ‘Deep Black’ - are perfect for creating a variety of monotone objects including architectural models and housings for electronics projects.  

However, perhaps the most exciting news for users who have been looking for ways of adding some color to their 3D prints is the announcement from the company that in addition to the Snow White resin, they will also be including color pigments for users create their own custom 3D print colors.   

”Where others promote extended dispersion of their pigments as a new feature,we have been delivering extended dispersion of our tailor made pigments from the offset,” says the company.

Alongside the resin, a box of colors will be shipped featuring 20 ml bottles of black, red, yellow and blue pigments for users to create their own ‘Technicolor’ 3D printed dream worlds. "With a recommended retail price of € 12.50 for the colour box, the price per bottle of pigment is less than $3.50," Danny R. Reijgwart of FunToDo told us.

While the Snow White will give users the option to print their models in brilliant white or add custom colors, the Deep Black is designed to offer near nanoparticle pigmentation for those needing ultra-high resolution results from their black 3D prints.  

While the company promises that these high quality resins will be among the most affordable on the market, they’re still yet to announce the official pricing.  Additionally, the company plans on launching more low-cost, high quality materials over the coming year.  


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