Got €6.6 Million? Bet it on Mcor Like WHEB!

Got €6.6 Million? Bet it on Mcor Like WHEB!

Even though 3D printing stocks have been slumping lately (trust me, I know how you feel) many people, investors and even private equity firms are still willing to bet on a glorious future for 3D printer producers (as are we all). In fact, WHEB Partners is willing to bet €6.6 million on irish 3D printer manufacturer Mcor’s bright future ahead.

The London and Munich-based private-equity firm prides itself on aiming to generate returns for its investors by “partnering with fast growing SME’s (small and medium enterprises) that serve the markets for energy and resource efficiency.”


Dunleer, Ireland, based Mcor fits their standard as the company founded by Conor and Fintan MacCormack has grown by over 800% in yearly revenues since 2005. Also its 3D printing technology is both affordable and environmentally sustainable as it uses regular office paper as its base material to 3D print full colour objects.

WHEB believes Mcor can grow a lot more and is “very much looking forward to working with them to help them capitalize on their impressive growth potential”, said WHEB partner Alexander Domin. According to WHEB the principal competitive advantages offered by Mcor are mostly related to the low cost and high recyclability of the printing material and of the 3D printed objects themselves.

“We are experiencing strong demand internationally for our products and this investment from WHEB will allow us to deliver on our exciting sales pipeline and, together with WHEB, build Mcor into a global 3D printing company,” Conor MacCormack, CEO and co-founder of Mcor, commented. “We now have all the ingredients necessary to create a world beating 3D printing technology company, with new and innovative products on the horizon.”

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