Results of 3D Print Expo 2018

Results of 3D Print Expo 2018

On October 12-13, Moscow hosted 3D Print Expo – one of the largest exhibitions in Eastern Europe dedicated to additive technologies and 3D scanning. The organizer of the event is Smile-Expo, an international company conducting business conferences, forums and exhibitions. Over 12 years of its operation, Smile-Expo has already organized more than 250 events dedicated to innovative technologies and promising business areas.

Exhibition results:

♦ On October 13, the long-awaited drawing of a 3D printer from Vortex took place on the main stage of 3D Print Expo. Congratulations to the winner, Suetnov Nikita; we wish him new achievements in the future!

Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 1

♦ This year, 3D Print Expo gathered 3 000 attendees!

♦ The event included a workshop 3Dmaker, where everyone could try to create a plastic figure from ABS plastic using a 3D pen.

♦ During the lectures, which were held with the support of RENA SOLUTIONS, the audience discussed all the novelties, changes and innovations in the field of additive technologies.

Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 2

♦ The exhibition also featured workshops by PICASO 3D, during which visitors got the skills of 3D modeling, 3D printing, as well as a new direction presented at the exhibition – 3D scanning.

Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 3
Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 4

♦ The art gallery of the exhibition showed unusual exhibits from the participants: two Onyx dolls, a Reptiloid doll, a dinosaur with a movable jaw, a 4-meter statue Girl with an Oar. Texel introduced a new version of a 3D scanner: thanks to it you can make a 3D model of a person in 30 seconds.

Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 5
Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 6
Results of 3D Print Expo 2018 - 7

Results of 3D Print Expo Awards:

3DSYSTEMS.PRO – Brand of the year;

MZTO – The best national manufacturer of 3D printers;

VORTEX – The best innovation company of the year;

CYBERON – The best development of the year;

TEREM3D – The most in-demand manufacturer of consumable materials;

RANGEVISION – The best 3D scanning company;

TOP3DSHOP – TOP3DSHOP - Best integrator of 3D equipment in additive and digital manufacturing;

MAESTRO – Beginner of the year.

Smile-Expo and the 3D Print Expo team are grateful to the sponsors, participants and media partners. See you at 3D Print Expo 2019!

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