Pocket-size 3D printers: test and experiment at 3D Print Expo

Pocket-size 3D printers: test and experiment at 3D Print Expo

3D Print Expo will help guests to open a new facet of art. 3Dmarker will present an amazingly creative tool – a 3D pen used to build three-dimensional figures from colorful ABS plastic. Come to the workshop zone and show your creativity by developing vivid miniatures!

Smile-Expo together with the partner 3Dmarker is organizing a special art space at 3D Print Expo – a zone where people will have a chance to draw with 3D pens. Innovative tools for art provided by 3Dmarker function as a nozzle of a real printer – release melted plastic to create three-dimensional figures or textured pictures.

The art space will be available on both exhibition days on October 12 and 13. The doors will be open to all attendees including those who bought the Exhibition ticket. On each day, organizers will run a series of short workshops. Participants will learn some theory related to the work with 3D pens, learn to refill and adjust them, and have some practice. There will be a chance to use a readymade sketch or make your own experiment in art. You can take home all your 3D drawings!

The process of 3D printing is not difficult, both children and adults can master a 3D pen in 15 minutes. Therefore, we invite your entire family to attend the workshop and create beautiful things together.

The workshop is free of charge for all attendees of 3D Print Expo.


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