Lifehack: what to do with 3D printing waste

Lifehack: what to do with 3D printing waste

Even very experienced professionals of additive manufacturing face the problem of getting piles of plastic waste. What can be done? Getting rid of models with defects is not the best option, as you have paid a lot for the filaments, and plastic recycling is quite troublesome. User Devin has solved this issue rather unconventionally: he created a salad bowl from scraps and defective models.

To implement the idea, the creative maker used available tools: a hammer, a saw, a flat tray and an oven. With a help of the hammer he crushed plastic waste, then melted it on a tray, cut smooth circles from the resulting plastic sheet, put them in steel salad bowls and melted again. The result is plastic salad bowls.

Of course, the maker’s idea can be used for manufacturing of other useful and unusual plastic products.

The whole process of converting 3D printed waste into a colorful bowl was captured on video. This is genius! 




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