Michelin presents concept of airless 3D printed tires

Michelin presents concept of airless 3D printed tires

Michelin, a well-known French tire manufacturer, has developed a concept of 3D printed airless tires with unlimited service life. The project is called Michelin Visionary Concept.

Airless 3D printed tires have biomimetic structure. The inner part of tires looks like honeycombs, providing increased strength. When riding, tires adapt to environment conditions, ensuring a perfect adherence with a roadway in all weather.

With tires being air-free, they do not blow out and do not require pumping. A tread pattern can be updated using 3D printing. Thus, a car owner can buy one kit of tires and does not replace it anymore.

Another advantage of innovative tires: one is going to produce them of recycled materials.

Michelin is planning to develop a fully integrated digital system, allowing to determine a current condition of tires and tread with account of weather patterns and to make appropriate adjustments. In other words, the system will adapt tires to roadway features on its own.

The new technology of French manufacturer is a perfect solution to save resources, time and money as well as to provide reliable driving and environment protection.


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