Micron 3DP unveils all-metal COBRA line of plastic extruders, perfect for flexible filaments

Micron 3DP unveils all-metal COBRA line of plastic extruders, perfect for flexible filaments

If you’ve ever replaced parts on your 3D printer or have looked into assembling your custom machine, you will have doubtlessly heard of Micron 3DP, who specialize in high quality parts (specifically extruders and hot ends) for the 3D printing market. Constantly trying to innovate their products, they have just unveiled a brand new line of all-metal extruders: the COBRA line.

Now as you might be aware of, filament extruders that are completely made of metal have one major advantage over those extruders that include plastic components: heat. While many extruders contain Teflon tubing or other plastic parts that can’t stand the heat very well themselves, this new line of all-metal extruders will, we are told, enable reliable and continuous printing up to 315 degrees Celsius.


The biggest advantage of this is that it will enable you to work with a very wide range of more uncommonly used filaments, like nylons and high temp PLA. What’s more, Micron 3DP is also bringing out a special high temperature Cobra extruder capable of reaching temperatures of up to 400 degrees, perfect for filaments such as Ultem, Peek and Carbon reinforced Peek.

The Cobra J-head compatible extruder.

And Micron3DP, as you might know, specializes in these kind of 3D printer components. Located in Israel and a subsidiary of manufacture designers Micron E.M.E, they sell hundreds and hundreds of special extruders all over the world. Among their regular customers are professional 3D printing busineses, universities and specialist institutes. The Cobra line is even their third generation all-metal extruder, and has learned from the feedback on other parts. The secret of the Cobra line? ‘It uses a small, but powerful planetary geared motor which provides high torque in a much smaller and lighter package,’ they reveal.

Bowden/Rostock extruder.

For Micron3DP also promises that this new generation of extruders is faster and more reliable than ever, even with flexible materials such as NinjaFlex and PVA. What’s more, as the clip below illustrates, it’s easier to install than just about every other extruder out there. ‘A feature of the Cobra Extruder Line, as with all Micron 3DP extruders, is the patent-pending easily replaceable nozzle and guide, that comes with the Cobra. It takes less than a minute to switch to a different nozzle size or to a different material, without any change to the calibration of the Z height,’ Eran Gal-Or, Engineering VP at Micron3DP, explains.

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