We did it! Our experience in hand prosthesis

We did it! Our experience in hand prosthesis

We dreamed of making a useful business, and we succeeded.

Once the idea of ​​creating prosthesis for children greatly inspired us to do 3D-printing. A few months ago we decided to make our idea a reality.

Today we are glad to say we have created a pilot version of hand prosthesis for patient Alexander. You can read our activity report using the link can-touch.ru/blog/3dprint-prosthesis.

Our next step is bringing our dreams to life – create prosthesis for little girl. The project is already in a high gear, follow our reports:

  • www.can-touch.ru
  • www.facebook.com/can.touch.ru
  • vk.com/icantouch
  • twitter.com/can_touch_ru
  • instagram.com/can_touch
  • www.youtube.com/user/CanTouchRussia
  • can-touch.livejournal.com
  • odnoklassniki.ru/profile/559335363822/groups


If you or your loved one needs such prosthesis, contact us, please:

phone: +7-495-647-93-19

email: [email protected]

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