3D Print Expo to Run 3D Pen Workshop

3D Print Expo to Run 3D Pen Workshop

A 3D pen is a convenient innovative tool intended to create three-dimensional figures. You will have a possibility to learn how to draw with this device at the annual exhibition of additive technologies 3D Print Expo held in the Russian capital on October 4-5.

The workshop on the 3D drawing will take place in the special exhibition zone. Here everyone will have an opportunity to master the skill of building objects using a 3D pen. Participants will be drawing three-dimensional items using a pattern or developing their own figures.

Studies will involve the specialist in the 3D drawing. He will help every person to master the drawing technique and share secrets of developing objects using 3D hardware.

The workshop will last from 11:00 to 18:00 on October 4 and 5. Both adults and children can participate. It does not matter whether you have skills of working with 3D devices. During the studies, everyone will learn to draw with the 3D pen.

The attendance of workshops is free for everyone who buys the ticket to the 3D Print Expo.

Besides, the event will offer workshops on 3D printing and scanning, where the participation costs extra.

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