Materialise Expert in 3D Printing Quality Control to Speak at 3D Print Expo

Materialise Expert in 3D Printing Quality Control to Speak at 3D Print Expo

A representative of Materialise, the world leader in the field of rapid prototyping and 3D modelling, will speak at 3D Print Expo 2016 to be held on November 17 in Sokolniki ECC. Dieter Ghysbrecht, a Global Sales Manager at Materialise driving the sales of the unique Materialise Control Platform, will cover the following topic: “The Next Level of Quality Inspection and Control in Additive Manufacturing.”

Additive manufacturing first revolutionized the prototyping world and has now become a fast-growing industry that stands on its own and offers effective solutions for the final product manufacture. For companies that are eager to manufacture industrial applications, there is a growing need for greater control over the quality of 3D printing where you create the material properties during the process.

Materialise has offered an exclusive solution for the 3D printing quality control - Materialise Control Platform. The company is the world's largest supplier of innovative software solutions for the additive manufacturing in the fields of medicine and industry and continuously provides innovative designs promoting the development of the industry. Materialise is headquartered in Belgium, but it is constantly expanding its global presence by opening offices in different countries. The company cooperates with such giants as Jaguar, Daimler Chrysler, F1-teams, Philips, Bosch, Sony, Nokia, Siemens, etc.

At 3D Print Expo, Dieter Ghysbrecht, a leading expert in the field of 3D printing quality control from Belgium, will deliver details on the Materialise innovative platform and the opportunities it provides for the industrial additive production.

The IV annual exhibition of advanced additive technologies 3D Print Expo will be held on November 17-18 in Sokolniki ECC. The event will traditionally bring together industry leaders from around the world that define tomorrow's market conditions. It will involve the CIS largest two-day conference, a demonstration of achievements of 3D printing, a presentation of start-ups, workshops for adults and children, an awarding ceremony 3D Print Awards and much more. Come and enjoy the fantastic world of additive technologies!


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