New Matter MOD-t 3D printer to launch on crowd-funding site soon

New Matter MOD-t 3D printer to launch on crowd-funding site soon

Pasadena, CA based startup New Matter, former IdeaShaper, has been working on a new 3D printer for consumer market. Calld MOD-t, the 3D printer will be an easy-to-use device designed for everyone. There is not many info available now, but from their printer renderings you might be able to see that the design is optimized for office and home users. As to the price, the founders, Steve Schell and Bill Gross state on their website: "Other "entry-level" printers retail for $1300 or more. With MOD-t, you can start building your own objects at a fraction of the price."


The MOD-t 3D printer will be coupled with an online library of ready-to-print 3D objects. The company will also launch a New Matter store to sell high-quality 3D designs, and "the best part is that they will print directly from the store – no complex software or 3D design knowledge needed!" says the startup.


New Matter announced today that they will begin a campaign to raise the capital necessary to bring their printer to market. Early-bird backers will get a special discount on the printer, so stay tuned. You can also sign up here to be notified when their crowdfunding campaign goes live.

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