Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD

Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD

Stereolithography (SLA) is a 3D printing technology during which a laser beam solidifies liquid material. Liquid photopolymers are used as printing material.
3D PRint Expo: Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD - 1Specificities of the technology:

  • a possibility to create constructions of any complexity;
  • light treatment of a designed construction;
  • speed – it takes several hours to manufacture a medium-size detail;
  • a low rate of material consumption.

3D PRint Expo: Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD - 2
Pilot HD is one of the models in the line of industrial printers by the Chinese company UnionTech. Working on SLA technology, the 3D printer creates constructions with perfect printing accuracy of 25 microns. A wide range of materials allows to create objects with various physical characteristics.

Technical specifications



Толщина слоя

От 50 мкм

Кол-во материалов


Размеры (мм)

1150 х 1118 х 1965

Вес (кг)


Размер луча

Минимум 60 мкм

Вес готового изделия (максимальный)

17,5 кг

Поддерживаемые ОС

Windows XP/7

Форматы файлов

Stl, Slc


1 год

3D PRint Expo: Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD - 3

  • a closed-loop control system enabling high accuracy of equipment performance;
  • a readily removable tank with photopolymer resin enables a quick material change;
  • a marble platform enables a 0.07 mm printing layer, which permits to create maximally qualitative surfaces;
  • a user-friendly construction: it is easy to set and dismantle the device. The ergonomic design makes the operator’s work less difficult;
  • a possibility to manage the printer work remotely;
  • the main elements of the equipment are global brands such as Scanlab (Germany), Panasonic (Japan), Advaced Optowave (the U. S.).

Spheres of application
3D PRint Expo: Review of SLA 3D printer UnionTech Pilot HD - 4

Pilot HD is applied to create small ready-to-use constructive and designer prototypes as well as constructional details.

This model is perfect for art objects and jewelry since the printer makes highly robust products that are later decorated.

Pilot HD can also be used in medicine. The printer is capable of creating models for oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as orthodontics (models of different bone types, teeth).

About the manufacturer

UnionTech is a leading manufacturer of professional 3D equipment found in Shanghai. Its printers operate on stereolithography technology (SLA).

UnionTech products permit a user to use software with an open source. This possibility proved to be user-friendly. That is why the company equipment is in high demand in China and many other countries.


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