Test surgical simulator at 3D Print Expo!

Test surgical simulator at 3D Print Expo!

Feel like a practicing surgeon! On October 13, 3D Print Expo will include a workshop on testing a prototype of the MEDVR_LAP surgical simulator!

It was developed by MEDVR, an innovative startup engaged in integrating VR technologies into the healthcare sector.

The company creates first aid treatment simulators, modelling emergency situations and upgrading currently existing applied medicine simulators. Therefore, the MEDVR technology speeds up training of future doctors in any areas.

From 10 a.m. till 1:30 p.m. the main stage will host the workshop on the topic: Prospects of applying VR technologies in healthcare. MEDVR will hold it along with Eidos.

The workshop program includes the following activities:

   1. Introduction by:

– Evgeniy Kostyushov, project manager at MEDVR;

– Dmitriy Dudarev, CTO at MEDVR;

– Ramil Gainutdinov, CEO at Eidos;

– Mikhail Timofeev, representative of Eidos, Doctor of Medical Science.

   2. Practice, allowing everyone interested to test a prototype of the surgical simulator, examine other MEDVR products as well as put their questions to MEDVR and Eidos representatives.

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