Overlord multicolor 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter next week, starting at £99

Overlord multicolor 3D printer to launch on Kickstarter next week, starting at £99

Getting started with the 3D printing hobby isn't easy, and not just because it requires some IT-literacy and design skills. Perhaps most of difficult of all is choosing the right 3D printer for you. Will you go on a RepRap route and assemble your own 3D printer, or will you choose a one of the dozens of plug-and-play machines out there? And that latter category is set to expand with yet another tempting 3D printer that will turn some heads: the Overlord 3D printer.

This Overlord printer isn't quite on the shelves yet, as its set to launch on Kickstarter next week. But its specifics and preview are already suggesting that this 3D printer is shaping up to be a very interesting model. If it delivers on all its promises, it can certainly interest many hobbyists. If they manage to raise the required sum of £10,000, then shipping can begin as early as March 2015.

It has been developed by the Shanghai, China-based team called DreamMaker, who have developed the first generation of DreamMaker 3D printer. As they explained to 3ders.org, it has been their goal to build a very accessible and functional 3D printer that will allow 'more people to enjoy this new technology.'

Now, new printers always tend to promise an unprecedented level of uniqueness and accessibility, but there are certainly a few elements in its preview that make the Overlord printer stand out.

Working with a Delta mechanism, this tall 3D printer will be able to 3D print objects up to a height of 260 mm. And it doesn't seem to sacrifice a lot in width either, as it can print objects up to 170 mm wide. A smaller version of the Overlord, meanwhile, will feature an equally respectable size of 150mm in diameter and 160 mm in height.

And there's another interesting promise that will probably intrigue many hobbyists: its ability to print multiple colors. The Overlord features a single extruder and promises to easily produce detailed multi-colored prints: 'Multi-color printing is no longer a privilege of pricy professional 3D printers. With OverLord, you can create multi-color models in an easy way.' It will feature a break-resuming feature that allows you to pause the printing whenever you want. So you can stop mid-print and switch colors anytime, and make the model as colorful as you wish.

 In regards to user-friendliness, a characteristic claimed by most printers, the Overlord also looks promising. Primarily, their Kickstarter promises that their printer will be operable with an iPad app for optimal printing comfort. 'In the old days, printing a model you will need a PC/laptop, a SD card or a USB cable. Now, you only need an iPad. With the DreamMaker intuitive app, you can browse models, zoom in, and "throw" it into the printing queue, just like printing documents from a LaserJet.'

However, it will also be shipped as a fully assembled and tested machine, that will be virtually plug-and-play. 'Once you get the printer, just unpack, plug in power and follow the on-screen prompt to setup. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes, and you are ready to go!' Its auto-calibration features will, meanwhile, take a lot of work out of the hands of unexperienced printers.

Aside from the interesting features, it's also looking to become a very decent machine. As the pictures illustrate, it has a good looking design, and features parts made using injection molding techniques. Featuring a Delta setup capable of printing in PLA and ABS, it will become capable of producing a layer resolution of a very impressive 100 microns.

All this makes the Overlord 3D printer an interesting machine, that is well worth checking out on Kickstarter. Furthermore, their goals seem to be very realistic and thought out, as they're only looking to raise the modest sum of £10,000.

The Kickstarter is set to launch next Tuesday (Nov.25), and will even feature some very interesting awards for backers, including ten early bird awards of a whole Overlord 3D printer for backers of just £99. After those initial backer slots are filled up, an Overlord 3D printer can be won by pledging £299 or more. Higher pledges will, of course, result in printers with even better gadgets.

The Overlord 3D printer is thus looking to be a very interesting machine, especially if it delivers on all its particular promises. For more, check out their Kickstarter here (not opened yet). Also check out their introductory clip below.

The Overlord 3D printer's fully specifications are:

  • Print Technology: FFF
  • Build Volume: 150mmD x 160mmH (OverLord); 170mmD x 260mmH(OverLord Pro)
  • Layer Rosolution: 100 microns
  • Filament: 1.75mm
  • Filament Type: PLA, ABS
  • Nozzole: 0.4mm
  • Nozzle Temperature: <280
  • Heat Plate Temperature: <100
  • Body: Aerospace Alloy & Molded ABS
  • Operating System: Windows; MacOS; Linux
  • Supported File Type: *.stl; *.obj; *.dae; *.amf; *.bmp; *.jpg; *.jpeg; *.png; *.g; *.gcode
  • Power: 220 W, 24V DC@ 9.2A
  • Full Dimensions: 370mm×320mm×625mm(OverLord); 370mm×320mm×725mm(OverLord Pro).




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